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Varied Bath Shape Remodeling Ideas for your Home

A bathroom is a place where you can relax and let go of your day’s troubles. It contains the bath which helps in relaxing your tired body. The bath can be designed in a variety of forms. From space saving designs that are compact for small apartments, to luxurious baths in sprawling homes, these stunning bath shape ideas provide you with the ideal solution customized on your budget, style, and space. Before any particular bath shape strikes your fancy it is important to gauge their functionality quotient. Here are five bathtub ideas to help you in deciding.

Compact Bath Length

The advantage of this type of bath is that they can be installed with reduced length which is compensated by the generous depth. These save space while allowing you to soak in longer for an added comfort.

This bathtub utilizes limited space thereby allowing you to enjoy soaking in for a long time. You can thereby make absolute use of the available space.

Snug Bathtub

This bathtub design looks good for small bathroom spaces. It is fitted into a corner and some of these bathtub designs have features like molded backrests, deck areas, and dual backrests. They have a streamlined design which makes them perfect as bath for their built-in features.

The tub's shape takes a corner circle and it tapers along the sides with a rounded edge. But with offset corner bath, they come with one side longer than the other.

Snug Bathtub

Freestanding Inset

A bathtub that is placed in the middle of the room, away from the walls is known as a freestanding inset. You can have the tub cast in marble for a wonderful look. These kind of baths effortlessly create a spa like atmosphere. They feature traditional, contemporary and spacious design which makes them the finest choice when considering luxurious bathing experience.

Raised Tub

If you are into things from the Victorian era, then this iconic bathtub style should be on the top of your list. This can be easily identified by the elevated backrest that provides head and back support. In the earlier versions of this one, taps were fitted at the shallow end of the tub but these days they are placed at the center so that you can lean back and enjoy. This kind of bathroom remodeling in Houston is meant to provide you with comfort. This is a traditional slipper bath and it features a raised roll-top off the floor. Sleek and crisp lines are used to design the contemporary slipper.

Whirlpool Bath

Also known as therapeutic baths. type of bath is for those who fancy a Jacuzzi in their bathtubs. Fitted with positioned jets that target the sore muscles, the whirlpool bath helps in relaxing and rejuvenating. The water force can be adjusted by the air controller. Whirlpool baths are the ultimate option when it comes to a luxurious bathing experience.

Whirlpool Bath

With these ideas for bath remodeling Houston you can opt for a luxurious bathroom, one that is spacious and also convenient.

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