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Analogy between a General Contractor and Design-Build Home Builders

The Houston design-build home builders are taking a whole new approach to the construction of buildings. By radicalizing and combining the design phase and the construction phase, the construction firms are trying to make it a cohesive endeavor. 

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  • Faster completion of the project: Since both the processes take place at the same time, hence the time to finish it increases exponentially. The process is less complicated. Design-build projects are generally completed at least 33% faster than their traditional counterparts.
  • Commendable cost savings: The budget can be met since the cost incurred is less. Combining the design-build process greatly brings down the expense due to simultaneous execution. There are almost 12% cost savings and this makes a huge difference in the overall budget.
  • Quality control is more unified: There is continuous quality control right from the start to the finish. The streamlined approach of the design-build project ensures a lesser scope of disputes.
  • The owner risk is also reduced: The owner maintains greater control over the entire design to budget and build to budget process through this method.


  • Proponents will argue that there is no complete assurance of competitive bid. There are no assurance that you will receive the absolute lowest price possible 
  • Limited scope of check and balance-since single contractor is involved.Since a single firm is involved with the project, therefore, lesser chance of discussion. 

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  • Owner has more control over the designs: Owner has much tighter control over the designs in the general traditional construction type. The owners designer is responsible for the designing ensures how it is implemented. 
  • Wider scope of check and balance since diverse contractors can be involved in a single project: More than one person is involved in the design and construction phase, which are carried out separately. There is a greater scope for mixing of ideas, resulting in innovation.
  • Allows the owner to be receive competitive bids after designing process: The customer has full control over everything since she/he is the one implementing the plans in each step.


  • Separates design from construction often resulting in higher design cost through the need to redesign to meet budget. The budget limit is exceeded often since the construction and the designing phase is separated until bidding is complete. The time required is more since the two processes are separated, hence each will proceed independently. There are more people, steps, and payment requests received which increases the chance of errors.
  • Involves greater owner risk- since the owner is associated with the designing process so there is a probability of a blame game. Since a lot of projects will be involved in a single project there is a higher risk of a blame-game to be played out. 

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