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Top 7 Tips to Remodel a Kitchen in Houston and Save Money

Kitchen remodeling projects are usually quite expensive jobs in Houston and this plays as a spoilsport even when remodeling being the only way left for enhancing your home value. What if you are served with a 7-course menu comprising of 7 tips for remodeling your kitchen with a minimalist approach?

1. Alternatives for countertops: A home should be built with a consideration for budget. Rather than installing costly countertop materials like marble or granite stone slabs, why not place a butcher’s block or a laminated or concrete countertop material over the islands? One can customize the look by mix and match with affordable countertop materials.

When you purchase countertop materials for your kitchen, please keep in mind that it suffice with the hygiene requirements. Contrary to this, you can try laminated countertops for the surface that is not used for cutting vegetables. Laminated countertops run the risk of deep marks of sharp objects like knives and the gaps get clogged with food stuff (if not regularly cleaned). 

2. Affordable open kitchens: Going by the popular trends, if you are thinking about refurbishing your traditional kitchen into a modern open kitchen then knocking the walls may not be a financially feasible idea. Rather than that, expert home builders in Houston suggest a peninsula pass through as a better concept. In this way, you need not have to redirect the water, gas or electrical lines, saving you the money. You are additionally benefited with extra space for counters and you are no longer required to repair the damaged flooring and walls as is so common with shifting of the walls.  

3. Creative kitchen island: Instead of ordering a custom made island, one can utilize a dresser or an old table for the purpose. Herein, you can save money and have the option of removing it during high traffic times. 

4. Avoid recessed lighting: Going with the decision for recessed lighting could be costlier. It requires you to cut into the ceiling, attach the wires, if required then repair the damaged ceiling and pay the professional home builders and remodelers in Houston. Instead, you can replace the idea with a more viable one that of using track lights.

5. Affordable cabinet remodeling: We understand that it looks outdated and it had endured many rough handlings, however, instead of replacing the old cabinets, will it not be better to perform simple paint jobs? It is also an option for unleashing the artist within you. In addition, you can use ready-to-assemble pieces or convert the existing ones into open shelves.

6. Smart transfer of the appliances: Random transferring of the kitchen appliances is not a smart idea given the fact that it might need a rewiring or mending walls. If the appliance moving would re-utilize the existing wiring and outlet jobs for you, the idea is financially viable.

7. Remodel in stages: The decision in favor of kitchen remodeling in Houston would be pocket-friendly if you remodel in stages. Those needing immediate repair works should be answered first and rest may wait a few days more.   

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