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The Re-emergence of Windows in Modern Home Designs

The new trend in modern luxury home design emphasizes on the need of windows. Windows play a very important role in the overall home design, as it contributes to both the aesthetics and the functionality. For the exterior of the home, the windows work to create balance in the profile elevation and contributes to the visual aesthetics.

Houston general contractors who have experience in designing custom luxury homes know the critical role that the window play in its architectural value. While the correct placement affords a harmonious visual appeal, an incorrect placement can destroy the whole look.

Apart from boosting the visual aesthetics of a luxury home, windows when properly optimized can improve the natural light and ventilation that enters a room. The positioning should be done in such a way so as to minimize the solar glare and keep out unnecessary heat.

Re-emergence of Windows

Many of modern homes which are being built now are taking care to ensure this, there are many homes which are considering home remodeling Houston to install windows to up the visual appeal of the property and also to create a more airy and spacious feel.

These days the influence of European design and also Western influences from around the globe have redirected the attention back to windows and their importance in modern luxury home designs.  This blog will discuss the two category of windows that are frequently used by residential general contractors Houston.


The Sash Window

This kind of window has one of the most classic designs. It is blessed with a timeless appeal and it fits right into modern settings. These type of windows were invented in the 17th century. They work with a fairly straightforward up and down motion and makes use of a system of counterweights. These windows will absolutely fit in with colonial or classic period style homes. In former times they had a few drawbacks, which includes their tendency to let in cold air and the sash kept on rattling in the frame due to the motion of the wind and also due to timber shrinkage.

However, these days a lot of advances have been made both in materials and also in terms of their designs. Moreover, overall glazing technology have resulted in modern sliding slash windows  that are safe, attractive and also energy efficient, Hence, these are used to a greater extent by custom home builders Houston. The newer versions of the sash windows are available in a wide range of materials. These include- uPVC or modern treated timber.

They come in various arrangements- while some have an inoperable sash, known as- single-hung windows; some have three operable sashes, also referred to as triple hung. The most popular among them are the double-hung windows- with both the top and the bottom sashes being operable.


The Steel Framed Windows

These windows are alternatively referred to as Crittall windows after the original English manufacturer of steel framed windows. These windows come in the form of large expanses which are intersected by steel frames. They are used with a great vigor in modern luxury homes to create an effect of light-filled ‘walls’ of windows that emanate a warm and authentic feel. On the other hand their form also makes them suitable to be used internally to break up expanses of open-plan layout. They can also be used as a screen to separate an entrance hallway from another part of the room. It is their versatility quotient which makes them so popular.

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